Workplace Protection System

workplace protection system for active shooter

The SafeDefend™ System Prepares Your Employees to Save Lives with the Emergency Notification System for Business

The SafeDefend™ Personnel Protection System includes a biometrically enabled device that allows for controlled access and secure storage of items such as gel pepper spray, a baton with a window break, trauma kit, safety vest, flex cuffs, high-intensity strobe flashlight and a whistle. The SafeDefend™ emergency notification system for businesses gets law enforcement on site as quickly as possible, keeps employees alive until help gets there and addresses the fact that the shooter is likely a current or former employee.

Would your company survive an active shooter event?

The average American spends more hours at work each day than they spend with their families. They need to feel safe and protected in their environment. SafeDefend™'s Prepare, Notify and Protect provides a practical solution right at your employees' fingertips. Give your team members the protection and peace-of-mind they deserve.

  • Effective way to prepare, notify and protect.
  • Empowers company employees with a simple touch of the finger.
  • Instantly triggers alert to law enforcement.

How It Works


We prepare your staff with certified law enforcement instructors. Our training is provided by nationally recognized experts to provide your staff with the latest and most effective ways to prepare and respond to a crisis. Your staff will be taught with a non-threatening approach which will empower them to respond and cultivate confidence to manage a crisis.


With the touch of a finger, SafeDefend™ immediately triggers audio and visual alerts and notifies staff and law enforcement of the exact location. SafeDefend™ provides information to others in your organization to speed up your crisis management plan and support your staff in need. Your team will be able to immediately lock down, protect themselves and others and be in the best position to survive until help arrives. Our network-based system, with controlled access to eliminate false alarms, will provide your team with the solution they have been wanting.


Harm mitigation is the goal of SafeDefend™. We provide your staff with the training and tools needed to survive until help arrives. Everything from ways to protect their classroom or office to trauma response are provided in an easy to access safe. Immediate notification allows your staff to make an informed decision on whether it is best to RUN, HIDE or even Fight. Knowledge is power and your staff will feel empowered to protect and manage a crisis should the need ever arise.

How We Developed SafeDefend™

We developed SafeDefend™ with the needs of law enforcement, businesses and employees in mind.

Because of this, we were able to create an emergency notification system for businesses that really works. SafeDefend™ enhances your current office safety plan. With the touch of a finger, SafeDefend™ prepares and trains staff using certified law enforcement trainers, notifies law enforcement and all office employees immediately when a crisis occurs, reduces law enforcement response time and gives office staff real-time information that allows them to make informed decisions.

Biometrically Activated Device
Safety Box
Siren Strobe
Static Voice Module (SVM)

About Workplace Violence

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health defines workplace violence as "violent acts (including physical assaults and threats of assault) directed toward persons at work or on duty." Effects of violence include physical injury, temporary or permanent physical disability, psychological trauma and death. Emergency preparedness can be defined as pre-impact activities that establish a state of readiness to respond to extreme events that could affect the community. Since 2009, the frequency of active shooter events per year has nearly tripled.







Law Enforcement

Law enforcement response time is reduced with this system due to immediate alert notification when the emergency box is opened that provides accurate location information of the crime.

Business Owners

This system empowers staff to take action by providing key training with real-time information that prepares them for the chaos of a crisis.


By reducing vulnerability, this system calms fear about potential attacks and gives employees the tools to protect.