SafeDefend – CBS Las Vegas

We recently spoke with CBS – Las Vegas (Watch Video Here) about the drills and training that students are being exposed to during active shooter exercises.  Parents need to be talking to their kids about the drills and expectations within the classroom.

Parents often don’t know what the school plan is for lockdown and evacuation.  Telling your child to run when the teacher is trying to lockdown the classroom can endanger everyone. The SafeDefend system provides teachers and responders with the exact location in the building where the threat is occurring.  This information can be used by the teacher to make sound decisions whether to barricade or evacuate.

Schools have plans that they practice for different events.  In a fire drill we evacuate.  In an active shooter situation it depends on several factors.  If the shooter is right outside the classroom exiting the room can be catastrophic.  If the event is on the other side of the school the teacher may decide to evacuate.  The critical point is that the students need to look to the teacher for direction and work together to barricade the classroom and get out of harms way or evacuate in a safe direction based on the information provided to the teacher.