active shooter response training

Active Shooter Response Training Programs

Be prepared to save lives.

  • Effective way to prepare, notify and protect.
  • Empowers company employees with a simple touch of the finger.
  • Instantly triggers alert to law enforcement.

Our Active Shooter Response Training Programs

Employer Responsibilities & Potential Liabilities

1 Hour | What are your risks, your responsibilities and your potential liabilities from a workplace violence event? Educates employers and supervisors of best practices before, during and after a violent event. Covers the OSHA General Duty to Warn clause and its impact when workplace violence occurs. Covers best practices for handling discipline, termination and domestic issues that arise.

Preparation and Response to a Hostile Intruder In the Workplace

2 Hours | What are the realities of workplace violence events and how can staff prepare? Employee "red flags" to be aware of as current or former employees that pose the biggest threat. Historical approaches to addressing workplace violence. Addressing the missing element in the current protection of employees from workplace violence. Best practices to limit or minimize employer liability should an event occur. Best practices for surviving a workplace violence event.

Heightening Awareness & Preparing to Respond to a Hostile Intruder

4-8 Hours | What are the complexities of a workplace violence event and the physical, emotional and legal impact on your company? The importance of mental awareness. The benefit of a comprehensive approach to mitigating the impact of a workplace violence event. Scenario-based options and videos from actual events for a "lessons learned" approach. Enhance understanding of how we respond in a crisis. The importance of post-incident trauma options. Explanation of how an over-reliance on emergency responders leads to unnecessary casualties.

Douglas Parisi

Douglas Parisi, MPA, is the Director of Training for SafeDefend™. He is a former police captain with over 20 years of service, and he has personal experience with active shooter situations. During 3.5 years as a police academy commander, he obtained extensive training in on-site security, active shooter response and civilian response to hostile events. He is a regular speaker at national conferences and seminars. He has presented at SRO, DARE, human resources departments, school boards, superintendents, public safety programs, sheriff's associations and other conferences across the Midwest.

He has participated in campus safety webinars and conducts interviews with media sources on workplace and campus safety concerns. He has certifications including Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training (ALERRT), Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events (CRASE), Tactical Emergency Casualty Care, (TECC) Combat Life Support (CLS), Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) and Mental Health First Aid. Douglas works with schools, businesses and government institutions on policy implementation, crisis response planning and threat mitigation.


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